SILCO sandblasting and shot-peening machines can be used for the following treatments:

Surface preparation
This treatment can be applied to metal semi-finished products that require subsequent painting or galvanic coating.

Material Removal
This treatment achieves uniform material removal of small quantities of material.It is a must for semi-finished products whose shape has been affected during previous processing stages.

This treatment is particularly recommended to give a uniform finish or to enhance the surfaces of semi-finished products. It can also be used to engrave a surface without altering the shape of the workpiece.

Allows the removal of oxidation from metal semi-finished products as a result of thermal treatments. Moreover, the cleaning process allows the elimination of paint or coatings and the revision of engine, aeronautical or naval components.

This treatment can be applied to eliminate surface gaps and give a perfect finish to workpieces, or to create a special finish on certain parts of semi-finished products.

This treatment removes burrs resulting from other mechanical processes, without altering the shape or the size of the part to be treated, especially in difficult to reach spots.

Shot peening
Shot Peening is currently the most efficient treatment to increase the durability of mechanical parts subjected to tensile stress. This treatment can reach significant depths and is often used to delay or eliminate breakages caused by mechanical stress, stress-corrosion, fretting, pitting and in some cases to improve lubrication conditions and reduce the negative effects of surface decarburization.