A wide range of tools ensures easy, fast and automatic processing

The thorough selection of construction materials and the careful design of components make for sturdy, durable and reliable sandblasting and shot-peening machines, which can be operated in complete safety. Research carried out by our designers ensures the safety of workers in the workplace and respect for the environment.

All SILCO sandblasting and shot-peening machines in accordance with national laws transposing MACHINERY DIRECTIVE 2006/42/EC, DIRECTIVE 97/23/EEC (PED) ON SIMPLE PRESSURE VESSELS, DIRECTIVE 2004/108/EC ON ELECTROMAGNETIC COMPATIBILITY and DIRECTIVE 2006/95/EC ON ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT DESIGNED FOR USE WITHIN CERTAIN VOLTAGE LIMITS and all subsequent amendments.

Moreover, they are built in accordance with the provisions of the following harmonised standards:

  • UNI 12100:2005 Technical design principles and Basic design terminology and methodology.
  • UNI 14121-1:2007 Safety of machinery and Risk evaluation principles.
  • UNI 13849-1 :2008 Safety of machinery-safety related parts of control systems-general design principles.